»Shamanism is the oldest expression of what we now call magic and art.«

Susan Greenwood is an anthropologist and a Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Goldsmith College, University of London. She has written several books on the subject of anthropology and magic.

»Are Voduns non-binary Deities?«

Mamissi DaPovi has been a priestess for a.o Mama Wati, Dan, Sakpaté, since 1960. She practices in Ageougan in Aného, Togo.

»To Transform Shit into Power«

Pêdra Costa is a Brazilian-German Performance Artist and Visual & Urban Anthropologist based between Berlin and Vienna and working with queer artists internationally.

»You Are Only A Ghost Without Blood«

At the age of twelve, Messanh Amedegnato was designated as successor to his father, the priest of Vodun Hêbièsso of his village Ageougan (Aného) in Togo.

»A lot of little drops that come together to make a difference«

Katharina Oguntoye is an Afro-German writer, historian, activist, and poet. She founded the nonprofit intercultural association Joliba in Germany and is perhaps best known for co-editing the book “Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out”. 

»Just because the smoke is annoying«

Hamado Dipama is a consultant for anti-discrimination and anti-racism work for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Ausländer-, Migranten- und Integrationsbeiräte Bayerns, he is a member of the Ausländerbeirat der Stadt München and is spokesman for the Bavarian Refugee Council.

»The water we drink first runs through the veins of the servers«

In Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski‘s artistic work they are interested in queer ways of living and learning, lesbian realities, (digital) feminist perspectives, how to share knowledge, and what visibility means in hierarchical structures like the current political system.

»Resistance as the liberation from a system«

In 2017 Emilia Roig founded the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies is a non-profit organization in Berlin.

»Learn and then take others on your way with you«

Kave Bulambo is the founder of My Career Path a leadership and career development organization for women based in Berlin with chapters and collaborations across the world.