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Berlinerstrasse 23
13189 Berlin,

art&dialogue e.V. is run by a small team that is responsible for organizational and administrative tasks across our various projects. We collaborate with different partners for each project, and some of these partners may eventually become part of our organization. Additionally, we have a board of advisers who provide essential support and guidance in decision-making. A significant portion of our work involves close collaboration with fellow creators and a diverse array of knowledge keepers to explore the untapped potential between established systems and familiar modes of thinking. We define research as a multi-perspective interaction encompassing art, spirituality, the humanities, community experiences, and local activism. In this framework, art plays a crucial role by providing essential resources, tools, and opportunities to reshape the relationship between knowledge systems and the public.                                                                      

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art&dialogue e.V. was created to develop, support, and activate projects that build bridges – that create dialogue where none could have or would have existed before. Dialogue, we believe, extends beyond language.