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“Social constructionist dialogue as an art demonstrates a layered mode of practical inquiry, which weaves together interactive and explorative, re-presentational and reactive modes of dialogue in the performance of knowledge. Recent art debates present dialogue as a relational, collaborative, and situated mode of meaning-making, and an alternative to traditional constraining frameworks of art. A constructed written dialogue provides a platform for further discussion and reactive analysis, which in turn are proposed as an invitation to continued dialogue and socially grounded interaction.” (in: Dialogue as Practice and Understanding in Contemporary Art, John Mark Hammersley, 2015)

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Art and Dialogue e.V. would like to bring together art projects in which Dialogue is used as a key component. Even where there is no word and nor language, there still can be a dialogic relation. At 'conversations', you'll find conversational exchanges At 'assembling' a visual dialogue between activists from different time periods. At 'pulling' a structured, intercultural dialogue about the ongoing interaction between humans and animal spirits, gods, and objects. At 'participate' a participatory dialogue for visitors of this website At 'associations' we show dialogues depicted in visual, literary, and performative formats. If you wish to present an art project here, please send us a message. If you would like to comment or contribute something that would fit into the framework, or projects on this site let us know.