Should a website present or represent?

It depends on what you want to achieve. I like websites that are not too complicated, that have a clear message, and that remains playful.
What about the invisible?
How can we represent a thing that doesn’t have a word yet?
Well, words just help us talk about abstract things. For example "love" is a very abstract thing and everyone has a different definition. The word just helps us to put all of these ideas and definitions in a box with a label, which we can easily use and organize. But even if there wasn't a word for it, love still exists. And it's the same with this word. We can still talk about it, it's just less easy to use. We can visualize it by using pictures, sound, and other words.
mapping the invisible

What is a shared reality?
Is there an unknown dimension?

I'd like to think there is. There is an end to our universe and that is scary. It would be easier if we could believe in something behind the end, Because we could grasp that. But if we imagine space as the floor it only goes in two directions. We don't eve know how far our space goes. How can we be sure there isn't something going up from the floor.

As for the shared reality, isn't our reality already shared. We all move in the same space and time, the same dimensions. Just because we all have different interpretations doesn't mean it isn't the same reality
How do we create a common space without having a shared place?
A "shared place" isn't the same thing as a common space. Sharing hints at people owning something. A common space is a place where others can come without anyone owning it. We have the idea that everything needs to be owned, and that is true when it needs to be paid for. But an owned place should rather be given free instead of trying to share it.
Can an image be a fact?
Do you read an image as a short story?
I know an image can be read as a story. Everything is shaped by the past and if you pay attention you can see it. But i usually do not do that. Only a few people have the ability to process every last detail of an image they see.

Images are more reliable that words, because there isn't a human brain involved. Brains make mistakes. But an image can also be edited. Images aren't a fact, but far more reliable than other copies of what we observe.
Memes are a perfect example of how an image and just a couple of words can tell a whole story. The power relies on the context and accuracy of the reader